Start Sters

Ads Getting in Your Way? "Start Sters" to the Rescue!

What is Start Sters?

Do you wish you could watch your favorite movies, sitcoms, or video podcasts without interruptions? Do full-screen pop-ups and unexpected redirects annoy you so much you just close the tab and look for the information you want elsewhere? Does it feel like your attention span is being challenged unnecessarily when you open a webpage loaded with banners and random animated ads? If you answered at least one of those questions with a “yes”, you’ll surely benefit from using "Start Sters" on a regular basis.


"Start Sters" is a handy little extension that doesn’t take up much memory space or computing power, yet provides a lot of useful services. First and foremost, "Start Sters" is capable of recognizing and completely blocking just about every ad type you may encounter online. Second, "Start Sters" reduces the amount of online traffic your Web browsing sessions generate, saving you time (webpages load faster) and money (if you have a limited data plan). Finally, "Start Sters" helps protect your device from harmful programs that often lurk on the pages of frequently visited websites.


If you really care about your online privacy (and if you don’t, you should), there’s another reason for you to use "Start Sters". This extension prevents numerous online trackers from collecting data on your device and your online behavior. What’s more, "Start Sters" itself doesn’t track you and encrypts every single message exchanged between your computer and the Web resources you visit. You can visit additional pages on our website to learn more about the Start Sters privacy policy and the end user license agreement.

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Still not convinced you need "Start Sters" yet? Since the extension is completely free, you can give it a try and test it for as long as you wish, no strings attached.


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